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Famous Women Of New Orleans

Great Women Native of New Orleans

Some amazing women native to the New Orleans area! They have put in a lot of effort to succeed. At the same time, they have worked to give back to their communities and society as a whole. Each of these women has something unique to offer, and they have paved the way for others to be successful.

Each of them has found their own niche and has reached out to others. They are intelligent, determined, and generous. Such traits have led them to become names that others won’t easily forget.They also laid the groundwork with a strong foundation on certain matters. As others build on what they’ve done, it continues to benefit people worldwide!


Being known by a first name isn’t easy to accomplish. People from all walks of life know Ellen! She has a big heart and helps bring comedy to many different situations. She is a philanthropist, helping people who have shown kindness toward others. Her talk show has addressed a variety of tough topics. Many credit her for opening the conversation up for people with differing sexual orientations from the norm. When Hurricane Katrina tore through New Orleans, she was one of the many celebrities who donated a generous amount of money in order to rebuild.

Reese Witherspoon

While Reese Witherspoon is often described as a pretty blonde, she is so much more than her appearance!She is a talented actress and has opened up quite a few opportunities for women relating to films. This includes both those that take place on the screen and those that are behind the screens such as directing. While she may be a celebrity, she is also down to Earth. People view her parenting style as one they are eager to replicate in their own lives. She gives her time and money generously to various causes for families. 

Ruby Bridges

The fight for equality continues today, but some women tackled it from long ago. One of them is Ruby Bridges. She is the first African American in the United States to attend a school of all white children. She wasn’t treated well there by her peers or parents of other students. Even teachers refused to work with her. Even as a young child facing such controversy, Bridges was determined to excel in her studies. She was a model student and she gave others the courage to also attend schools that had previously had only white students attending them. 

Ruth Benerito

Some women have contributed to society with their inventions to ensure basic needs are met. During the Korean War, many soldiers survived due to the intravenous feeding method introduced by Ruth Benerito. She was a chemist and helped to open up many doors throughout the textile industry. She is also responsible for creating wrinkle-free cotton clothing products. If you don’t like to iron, you can thank her for still looking great when you get dressed!