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Celebs Born in Metairie

Celebs Born in Metairie La


Celebrities are born all over the world, some come from the United States, some from Louisiana, and some are even from Metairie, La.


Here are a few of the most notable ones and their achievements:


Ellen DeGeneres was born in Metairie. Before she got famous, Ellen was a house painter, a bartender, and a waitress at TGI Friday’s. Wouldn’t it have been funny to have Ellen as your waitress?


Madison Wolfe, a Hollywood actress, is from the boot. She appeared in loads of films and that show True Detective. People don’t realize, she also appeared in Scream.


Ashley Scott, a Tv Actress, was born right here in Metairie, and starred in movies Walking Tall and Into the Blue. Before she struck stardom, Ashley was #25 on the Maxim Top 100 list in 2005, the year that Hurricane Katrina hit.


Laron Landry, Football Player, Safety from LSU, Geaux Tigers!, picked by Washington Redskins in 2012, crushed Reggie Bush in the Dolphins, I forgot what he did when he was with the Saints, Who Dat!


Billy Kennedy, coach of the Texas A&M team, was born in Metairie. He served as an assistant coach for eight teams before taking the job at Texas A&M. It is great to follow your dreams.


Donte Jackson, a starting cornerback for LSU, was born in Metairie and originally planned to run track for the Tigers.


Tony Raines, Reality Star, funny words to see together. I’m my own reality star, haha. Either way, this guy was famous for appearing on a TV show called Real World: Skeletons and falling in love with a girl oh wow two of his ex-girlfriends appeared on the show.


Shane Raines, another Reality Star, and the brother of the guy mentioned above. He’s from Metairie and also appeared on a reality show. I think he worked as a cosmetologist, at least that’s what he did before the show.


Carlos Marcello, American Gangster born in Metairie. The head of a New Orleans crime family until the late 1980s, Marcello was suspected of being behind the 1963 assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy.


Sean Gares, eSports Athlete, is a professional video game player in the Counter Strike Arena. He has a Twitch channel with 190,000 followers, and he has a pet dog. I wonder if he can be a pro gamer from Metairie, Louisiana.


Candice Stewart, another Reality Star from Metairie. Wow! Three reality stars in Southeast Louisiana. We must be in touch with reality. Candice was on Big Brother, graduated from Xavier University, and cheered for the New Orleans Saints.


That’s enough. This isn’t a complete list of people born in Metairie, Louisiana, who then went on to be famous. I’m sure there are more actors and actresses, and maybe there’s an eSports athlete, how cool is that?